Do I need to be a member of WashingtonExec?2024-01-11T21:03:56-05:00

You do not need to be a member of WashingtonExec to participate – this event is open to the public.

Does it cost money to participate?2024-01-11T21:03:18-05:00

There is no cost to participate.

Do all of the award categories for Public, Private, and Government represent one individual award?2020-02-27T16:53:21-05:00

Yes, all award categories listed from public, private, and Government will have one individual award recipient

What is the word count for each nominating question?2020-02-25T15:42:49-05:00

350 words.

What are the nomination questions / criteria?2020-02-25T15:37:55-05:00
  1. Please provide a brief description of why this chief officer is a leader in the selected nomination area(s).
  2. Describe how this particular executive or project solved a challenge for the customer, mission or organization.
How many nominating questions / criteria are there?2020-02-25T15:42:49-05:00

There are two questions

If my nominee previously won a Pinnacle Award, may I submit a nomination for a Chief Award?2020-02-25T15:42:49-05:00

Yes, these are two separate events.

Can I submit more than one nomination?2020-02-25T15:42:49-05:00

Yes, you can.  You must submit a separate individual nomination for each person that you would like to nominate.  You can submit multiple nominations per category.

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